About Us

Welcome to Just Pizzelles™! As you may have already guessed, we specialize in...well, "Just Pizzelles". What makes our pizzelle so unique is the wide variety of flavors along with the fancy, upscale packaging of these special "petite" cookies. They are smaller than a traditional cookie which makes them so elegant!

Many people ask me how I developed the idea to sell pizzelle cookies and where I came up with such a wide and diverse selection of flavors. I've always had the passion to bake ever since I can remember. As I grew older, I was constantly in the kitchen with my mother, creating many different kinds of desserts, cookies, and treats for friends and family but it got to be too much.

One day I decided that I needed to specialize in baking something unique; something that allowed me to be creative and that people loved. Once I told my friends and family about my idea of baking "Just Pizzelles" they loved it! At least most of them did! There were a few "doubters" that kept saying, "Pizzelles?! Aren't those the licorice flavored things? I don't like them at all!"

After hearing these types of statements, my creative juices started flowing and I began experimenting with many ideas for all new flavors...flavors that no one would have thought of doing. I wanted to surprise people with my creations and give them something that tasted "Out-Of-This-World"!

If by some slim chance you don't find a flavor of interest to you, don't fret! I am constantly creating new flavor "experiences" and I would be more than happy to try and create a flavor to your liking! With a bit of help from my "Little Kitchen Elf", lovingly known as "MOM", it's possible for me to explore the many possibilities of flavor combinations and keep this 'hobby-turned-business' venture rolling smoothly.

It would not be possible without the help of my amazing family...from physically helping to 'drizzle', package, and do shows with me (my mother/partner); creating efficient ways to produce my products and develop ideas for multiple uses for pizzelle (my father/research & development); giving me ideas for new flavors and helping me set up my booth at shows (my husband/labor assistant); willing to monitor the quality of my creations (my brother/quality control); helping with fundraising activities, brainstorming about other markets to explore and fun flavor creations (my niece/marketing). My friends also make a huge contribution with their devoted support and the extraordinarily "hard" task of taste-testing my new "concoctions"!!!

I would also like to send a special "thank you" to my Aunt Pat for insisting on me trying this idea and concept of selling gourmet pizzelle cookies.

Most of all, I would like to thank everyone, including you, our customer, for your help, love, and support! I wouldn't be able to do it without you!

~ Christina

History of the Pizzelle

What Are Pizzelles?

Did you know the pizzelle is an “old world” traditional cookie? This Italian waffle cookie gets its name "pizzelle", which is actually the plural of "pizzella", from the Italian word, “pizze”, meaning round and flat. It is believed to have first been developed in central Italy to honor annual celebrations in ancient times. They have remained an important part of celebrations throughout Italy and even in the United States. The two holidays which the pizzelle is commonly used are Christmas and Easter.

Where Did Pizzelles Originate?

It is believed pizzelles were first used in the Italian village of Colcullo, Italy to celebrate the driving out of the snakes to prevent them from overtaking the town. This festival is known as the Festival of the Snakes or the Feast of San Domenico. Once the area was free from snakes they feasted on pizzelles and celebrated. Others believe the village of Salle located in Abruzzi, Italy was the first to use pizzelles to celebrate the feast of Beato Roberto, a twelfth-century monk. Celebrants would attach the pizzelles to tree branches and walk down the street with them.

How Are Pizzelles Made?

Pizzelles of the past were made on irons embossed with the family crest or other symbols of meaning. They were baked individually on these irons which were held over the top of an open flame. Today, as then, pizzelle cookies are still embossed but with a waffle pattern on one side and a floral pattern on the other. Although Anise is the “traditional” flavor of the pizzelle, we’ve taken the flavor experience to a new level. With over 50 flavors to choose from, we strive to satisfy the most discriminate of taste buds!

So, if someone ever asks you the “million-dollar-question” about pizzelles…now you know!